Aurelia error: TypeError – customConfig.configure is not a function

When manually adding a custom bootstrap class – the main.js entrypoint if you will – I suddenly stumbled upon the following error message in the console:

TypeError: customConfig.configure is not a function(…)

I found the resolution in a (closed) issue on GitHub, where it is stated that it is not required to specify the aurelia-app attribute, if you use a configuration to set the main entry point for your Aurelia application.

In the aforementioned GitHub issue it is pointed out specifically when you use WebPack, but even with the default starter pack (which uses config.js) this occurs as well.

It’s quite easy to fix. Simply change the following:

<body aurelia-app="main">

… into this simpler signature where you remove the explicit entrypoint “main”:

<body aurelia-app>

And you’re good to go. This of course assumes you have a specific configuration with your web bundler, like for example the config.js from the starter kit, where it should state what exactly is your app’s entry point: