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My name is Juliën Hanssens. I consider myself, in no particular order, to be a digital architect, devoted developer, hardcore geek, movie buff, co-founder of two kids and a multithreaded Dutchman.

In my spare time I enjoy life with my girlfriend and two kids. Balancing out family and work is challenging, to say the least. But when these “planets align”, or better put when time permits, I try to keep up by researching sparkly dev stuff, have some fun with open source and on occasion try to help other developers out.

This site, hanssens.com, is my personal outlet. It is highly biased and opinionated and this site is meant as a personal playground for me to do the thing with the stuff.

    Juliën Hanssens


Born at the start of the 80’s, in the south of the Netherlands, I was raised as so many kids from the generation that grew up with Commodore64, Nintendo and Atari during my childhood. In my early teens, I started hacking away at early DOS and Windows at home. The offline days, if you will. Until, during high school half the 90’s, modems came and the internet was suddenly there. It was during those days I had the fortune to get some dev jobs on the side for local companies. Mostly working with VB5/VB6, for crying out loud.

Roughly half through the 00’s, being in half my twenties, I started freelancing as a contractor out of which I founded the company Securancy Intelligence. The only motive I had was making my passion for software development my daily job. As of today, I’m still as passioned and enthusiastic about this as when I started.


I’m always open to get in touch with similar minded nerds, new initiatives and have ears for new projects. If you wish to contact me for any of those reasons, feel free to drop me a line through any of the following channels:

Email: j.hanssens@live.com
Twitter: @jhanssens
GitHub: hanssens


If you’ve actually managed to read all the above, I salute you. I do wish to point out that, in regarding to the contents of this site, you should read the disclaimer.